Economics is the study of how people, organisations and communities make the best use of available resources.

The AS and A2 specifications are designed to provide students with a course which will enable them to:

  • recognise the main economic problems and issues faced by society and to comment on these in a thoughtful and informed manner;
  • develop an understanding of the complexity of economic behaviour and an appreciation of the inter-relatedness of the economic decision-making and activity of individuals, businesses, institutions, communities and governments;
  • appreciate the contribution of the discipline of economics to understanding the wider environment and society in which they live;
  • develop skills, qualities and attitudes which will equip them for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult and working life.

The following modules are taught within Grosvenor:

AS Modules

  • 1: The market mechanism, market failure and government response.
  • 2: The national economy

A2 Modules

  • 3: Production and competition
  • 4: The international economy
  • 6: Financial economics

The Advanced GCE course provides a good foundation for higher education courses in economics and related subjects and for a range of interesting careers.