The Geography Department at Grosvenor aims to help young people to make sense of the world around them

Head of Department:

Mrs D Wilson

Pupils study the physical landscape (rocks, landforms, weather, climate and ecosystems) as well as the use that people make of their surroundings by building settlements and earning their livelihoods. Pupils learn to understand the processes responsible for change in the human and physical landscape and explore inter-relationships. Through the study of these varied topics, students are introduced to examples from their local area, the British Isles, Europe and around the world. They learn to appreciate the contrasts between countries at different levels of development.


Through the study of Geography, pupils have the opportunity to improve their skills in

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy including graphs and statistics
  • Map-reading
  • ICT competence
  • Data collection
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making


Fieldwork plays an important part in the Geography curriculum. In their first three years pupils experience fieldwork around the school and local area. At GCSE level students collect and analyse data to investigate river features and characteristics; the GCSE coursework changes annually in line with the CCEA policy. At AS level the pupils visit Magilligan Field Centre for a residential stay, during this time they review their fieldwork skills at a river, study ecology on sand dunes and complete an urban study as part of the human geography specification.

External Examinations

The examination board used at GCSE, AS and A2 level is CCEA.