Home Economics & Health and Social Care

Home Economics specifically aims to encourage understanding within the context of home and family, of relationships between nutrition, food choice, diet and health. Emphasis is placed on the process of exploring issues, the development of practical food skills and the effective management of resources.

Head of Department:

    Mrs K Buchanan 

Home Economics is a life skill for all giving a sound understanding of management and decision making skills as well as many family and society issues.

It is a very useful background for all career areas particularly

Food Science ... Consumer Studies ... Teaching ... Hospitality Management ... Catering ... Dietitics ... Demonstration of Food and Products ... Food and Recipe Production ... Nutritionalists ... Social Services ... Caring Professions e.g. Doctors, Nurses and Therapists.

To encourage learning various speakers and demonstrations are arranged throughout the year e.g Livestock and Meat Commission, Chest Heart and Stroke Association, Belle Isle Cookery School and Nick Price from Nick’s Warehouse.

Qualifications Offered:

GCSE Home Economics (CCEA Examination Board)

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and GCE Advanced (A2) Nutrition and Food Science (CCEA Examination Board)

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and GCE Advanced (A2) Health & Social Care (CCEA Examination Board)