Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology is about using computers to carry out tasks in education, commerce and industry.

During the past decade we have been witnessing an ICT revolution - the computer is changing the way we do business, communicate, control things and learn. Many jobs cannot be carried out effectively without a computer.

In Grosvenor we try to ensure that the pupils are well prepared to take their place in an increasingly computer literate society. Each pupil in years eight, nine and ten has timetabled lessons where they improve their computing skills using Word Processing, Database, Spreadsheet, Multimedia and Desk Top Publishing packages. All pupils in year eight are entered into the CLAIT exam and now that ICT is being used widely across the curriculum it is hoped that pupils in year eight will be carrying out tasks for their ICT Accreditation.

ICT is also offered at GCSE where the pupils have to complete six practical tasks including Web Site design and Internet Use. After GCSE many pupils are taking the opportunity to study ICT at AS and A2 levels.