"It has been widely recognised that Mathematics occupies a rather special position. It is a major intellectual discipline in its own right, as well as providing the underpinning language for the rest of science and engineering and, increasingly, for other disciplines in the social and medical sciences. It underpins major sectors of modern business and industry, in particular, financial services and ICT. It also provides the individual citizen with empowering skills for the conduct of private and social life and with key skills required at virtually all levels of employment." - Professor Adrian Smith, Government Inquiry, February 2004

Head of Department:

Ms V Seaton

In Grosvenor we offer the complete range of knowledge and skills necessary for life in a modern world, encompassing Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.

Classes are unstreamed up to KS3 and then, according to ability and need, pupils study GCSE Mathematics, or GCSE Mathematics and Further Mathematics - a course more demanding in terms of depth and breadth of understanding.

The GCSE Further Mathematics course is a vital foundation for A-Level Mathematics where pupils study the full width of modules in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.

Also offered at this stage is Further Mathematics, a searching course for the best Mathematicians, more and more useful for candidates not only in Mathematics but also engineering and the physical sciences.

Qualifications Offered:

GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Further Mathematics (CCEA Examination Board)

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and GCE Advanced (A2) Mathematics

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and GCE Advanced (A2) Further Mathematics