A2 Media Studies

Under the modular ‘A’ level system pupils take two modules in Lower Sixth and two modules in Upper Sixth, therefore, pupils are awarded 50% of the total ‘A’ level marks each year. The marks that are awarded in Upper Sixth, as an A2, are worth 50% of the ‘A’ Level.

In Grosvenor we follow the WJEC syllabus for A2 Media Studies.

MS3: Media Investigation and Production

50% of the total A2 marks (100 marks)

In this module candidates must investigate either the genre, narrative and / or representational issue of a media text and write a 1400 - 1800 word research essay.  Then, they must use media technology to produce a finished piece of practical work which has been informed by the investigation.  Finally, the candidate must write a 500 - 750 word evaluation.

There are three components to the Practical Production:

  • Research investigation (1400 - 1800 word) (45);
  • Production – informed by investigation (45);
  • Evaluation (500 - 750 words) (10).


Centre– assessed (This means your teacher will mark this coursework.)


MS4: Text, Industry and Audience

50% of the total A2 marks (100 marks)

In this module candidates must study three different media industries.  The three studied in Grosvenor are:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Newspapers & Magazines

Within each of these industries candidates must study three main texts of which one must be British (B).  The texts studied in Grosvenor are indicated below, however, please note that these texts and industries are subject to change as and when desired by the teacher.  Also, these are the main texts, teachers may dip in and out of other texts as desired.

Film District 9
  Sherlock Holmes (B)




Reality TV
Strictly Come Dancing (B)

Quiz Show
The Million Pound Drop (B)

Drama Grimm




Newspapers and Magazines
The Guardian (B)

Daily Mail (B)

OK Magazine (B)
  Others as required






Candiadates sit a written examination of two and a half hours where they are required to answer one essay question on each of the industries studied.  Each question requires candidates to make reference to each of the three texts studied for each media industry.

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