AS Media Studies

Under the modular ‘A’ level system pupils take two modules in lower sixth and two modules in upper sixth, therefore pupils are awarded 50% of the total ‘A’ level marks each year. It is important to remember that the marks that are awarded in lower sixth, as an AS, are worth 50% of the actual ‘A’ Level. The marks available and percentage weightings for each module are noted below.

In Grosvenor we follow the WJEC syllabus for AS Media Studies

MS1: Media Representations and Responses

50% of the total AS marks (100 marks)
  • Media Language (including Genre and Narrative)
  • Media Institutions
  • Media Representations
  • Media Values and Ideology
  • Media Audiences

Pupils apply these concepts to a range of media texts such as film, newspapers, television programmes, magazine articles and advertising to analyse the text.


2hr 30min external examination.

Three compulsory questions:

  • Question 1 is based on unseen audio-visual or print based material (interactive media will be presented as print-based) (40);
  • Questions 2 & 3 are based on representation and audience issues stemming from Case Studies and may be subdivided where appropriate. (30 & 30).

MS2: Media Production Process

50% of the total AS marks (100 marks)

In this module the candidates use media technology to produce a finished piece of practical work. Pupils must apply relevant Key Concepts introduced in MS1 and root work in theory.

There are three components to the Practical Production:

  • Pre-production – reflecting research and demonstrating planning techniques (20);
  • Production – developed out of pre-production (40);
  • A Report of 1200 – 1600 word (40).


Centre– assessed (This means your teacher will mark this coursework.)

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