GCSE Media Studies

In Grosvenor we follow the AQA syllabus. There are two elements to this GCSE: coursework and the controlled test. The coursework is completed in class; it comprises 2 assignments which are completed in Form 4 and one major assignment which is completed in Form 5. The controlled test is the examination sat in June of Form 5.

Coursework (60% of total marks)

Centre– assessed (This means your teacher will mark this coursework.)

Unit 2: 3 Assignments.

  1. Local Newspapers: Design and produce 1 A3 Front Page of a Local Newspaper. Write a 500 word analysis.
  2. Advertising and Marketing: Design and produce an A3 poster and 30sec storyboard for a TV advert as part of an anti-littering campaign. Write a 1000 word analysis.
  3. Write, design and produce one major assignment on a topic from the assignment bank below.  Write an 800 word evaluation.

Assignment Bank:

(Choose only one task.)

Moving image: A 120 second trailer or opening sequence for a film or TV programme of your choice;

Radio: A five minute audio sample for a talk-based radio show;

Print: Four magazine pages (to include the front cover);

Web based technology: Four pages for website;

Promotion of Music: A three minute music video.


Controlled Test (40% of total marks)

This is a 1hr 30min exam paper taken in the summer term of Form 5.

Externally Assessed (This means an examiner will mark your exam.)

There are 4 tasks to complete on a prescribed topic area which is set by the exam board and changes each year.

Candidates receive pre-released stimulus materials in advance. (You will NOT get the questions in advance.)


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