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KS3 SPANISH Vocab and grammar practice Grammar and vocabulary exercises at various levels Pronunciation of Spanish alphabet Caminos 1 plus games Requires username and password - available from your language teacher Requires username and password - available from your language teacher Has lists of literally hundreds of websites useful for learning Spanish Different activities for different levels Range of levels Topics include numbers, months, colours, classroom, weather, animals and family Interactive games on vocab and grammar Well-labelled units to revise vocabulary Games on a range of topics, including Teacher Invaders and Fling the Teacher
Spanish visual dictionary Colours

KS4 SPANISH vocab and grammar practice Sports website Grammar and vocabulary exercises at various levels
El Gancho Digital newspaper on a variety of topics. Bright and easy to navegate about Listening activities on a variety of topics with gapfill exercises etc
Excellent reading and listening texts. Click on Spanish tab at top of page and then select an article. Select 'Show Learning Resources' and do the reading activities or play the the synopsis and do an exercise from Shared Resources-Modern Languages-Spanish-Authentik. See your teacher or class account on Edmodo for username and password Great site for learning and practising vocabulary and verbs through a variety of games and flashcards Superb website with a vast range of podcasts on many different topics with self-correcting exercises. Easy to navigate, specific link for listening is Verb and tense practice - self-correcting Spanish verb drills and podcasts on grammar Excellent listening activities with blankfill exercise, transcript and translator tool
YABLA VIDEOS Videos - listen with Spanish and English displayed below as you choose, then do the listening activity by selecting 'Play game' Caminos 2 and 3 plus topics, grammar and games Requires username and password - available from your language teacher Requires username and password - available from your language teacher Listening activities and vodcasts Different games and activities for different levels Site with many different areas of vocabulary and grammar Various activities including video listening activities Spanish_Phrases_with_Audio.html Some good role play vocabulary Range of levels Interactive games on vocab and grammar
Spanish visual dictionary Choose your verb(s) and your tense(s) then practise, practise, practise!
LA EDUCACIÓN Lots of different articles for education, some have pdfs of the exercises, others have questions at the bottom

A LEVEL!vocabulary/c1as6 Vocabulary!reading/cwob Reading!music/c9lv Music!movies/c1yr8 Movies Articles for teenagers Gossip pages News articles in Spanish vocab and grammar excellent and comprehensive site with a great section on trailers listening activities Verb conjugation, vocabulary, and grammar graded activities Audio books Grammar and vocabulary exercises at various levels of short texts on daily news as well as videos and photos Brilliant new site with activities for listening and reading on a range of topics + grammar Aveteca (Actividades del Aula Virtual de Español) has a series of exercises based on grammar and topics. Self checking
El Gancho Digital newspaper, manageable level Digital newspaper with exercises and sound files Search for '4 minutos' within the site and then listen and try to pick out the main stories Listening practice with transcripts Video listening practice with transcripts Listening exercises with exercises in pdf format Superb blog with articles and exercises to accompany them, as well as songs and videos Excellent short audio bites on up-to-the-minute topics, literally on the day they happen Videos and audio on up-to-the minute topics Spanish news site Gossip pages in Spanish Excellent listening activities with blankfill exercise, transcript and translator tool Excellent listening activiites (with transcript available) Listening activities and vodcasts Great reading exercises Lots of different types of listening exercises on good A level topics Illustrative graphics on a variety of A level topics Spanish newspaper online Euronews in Spanish Word of the day can be hepful, particularly as it gives examples Different activities for different levels Grammar exercises
Trinity grammar pages Grammar exercises Excellent grammar notes Great resources for different levels, including reading comprehension practice, and literature notes and worksheets Brilliant videos on a huge range of topics. Try summarising what they say, for practice Accessible reading and video clips Select Spanish Corpus for series of videos of Spaniards talking about different topics Intercultural education, useful for A2 topics
Punto y coma Listening and reading online Lots of really interesting activities and posts - check out the selections in the side bar Comparative exercises

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