Head of Department

Mrs A. Salt

In Grosvenor, all of our students study Spanish in Years 9 and 10.  We continue to see strong numbers choosing to study the subject at both GCSE and A Level, reflecting the increasing importance of Spanish as one of the world’s most widely spoken languages.

Visits to areas where Spanish is spoken and providing opportunities to speak Spanish are important to our department. At present students have the opportunity to participate in a visit to Spain each year thus practising their language skills at the same time as gaining useful insights into the customs and culture of Spain. Our A Level students participate in an annual Spanish immersion event to give them confidence ahead of their oral examinations.

Staff use a range of teaching methods to ensure that pupils have the confidence to communicate in oral and written form and a particular focus is given to the use of ICT in the language. There is a class set of iPads which enables pupils to work more independently, to contribute fully to all activities and to tailor their learning. Each class has a dedicated page on the VLEs Edmodo or Fronter in which they can upload assignments, practise vocabulary and ask for help if required. Similarly, the Spanish Department provide pupils with links to useful websites, study skills pages and display examples of pupil work on its dedicated website http://spanishingrosvenor.wikispaces.com. We blog about trips to Spain and other news of interest to the department at http://spanishingrosvenor.blogspot.com and there is a departmental Twitter account @spanishinggs

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