Grosvenor Grammar School has always had a strong tradition of music-making, with a special emphasis on choral music and practical music-making in general. This continues to the present day with an ever-growing number of extra-curricular activities, two full-time music teachers and over one hundred pupils taking instrumental or singing lessons. It is the aim of the department to include as many pupils as possible in music activities and to nurture their many varied interests and talents.

Pupils in Years 8 and 9 have two periods of music a week and one in Year 10. Activities are based on Composing, Performing, Improvising, Listening and Appraising.  One class a week is in a music room equipped with twenty electronic keyboards.
CCEA GCSE Music is offered. The course includes Composition, Performance and Listening. Pupils should aim to be Grade 3 minimum on instrument or voice by the end of fifth year.

CCEA AS and A2 Music are offered. The compulsory core of the syllabus includes composition, performance, an aural paper and an essay paper based on a chosen work and a history topic. GCSE Music is normally essential along with a good standard (Grade 4/5) in practical. Those wishing to take this subject at AS or A2 should discuss the matter with the Head of Music before making their choice.

Extra curricular Activities

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir meets two lunchtimes a week and on Wednesday afternoon with extra practices in the mornings.  The choir performs at school concerts, music festivals and undertakes many other engagements. The choir has won the overall choral prize at Portadown Music Festival, competed successfully in many local festivals, and won through to the semi-finals of the Junior Section of BBC Radio 3’s Choir of the Year.
A very popular event each year is the choir’s participation in the ‘Young Voices’ concert in the ‘Odyssey’ along with 2000 other young choirs.

Junior Orchestra

Junior Orchestra meets every Tuesday afternoon. This caters for pupils of approximately Grade 1-3 standard.

Senior Orchestra

The Senior Orchestra meets every Thursday afternoon from 4.20p.m. The orchestra plays a mixture of classical and popular pieces and performs these at the school concert and Open Nights.  At present there are over 70 members of approximately Grade 3 and over.

Jazz Band /String Group/

These groups meet every Thursday after orchestra for half an hour and all perform at school concerts and functions. 

The Jazz Band comprises saxophones, trumpets, trombones, piano, bass guitar and drum-kit.

The String Group is open to players of Grade 5+ ability. This group specializes in Baroque string music. Past repertoire includes the Bach Double Violin Concerto in D minor in which the  pupils took the solo parts. 

Woodwind Groups are open to players of Grade 2+ability. The repertoire is drawn from all periods and styles of music. 

Recorder Group ( Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass recorders.)
The recorder group meets once a week on Monday mornings. This group is open to all ages and performs at school functions.

String Quartets

There are presently 3 quartets (including a viola quartet), which meet one morning a week. The quartets play at school functions, outside events and music festivals.

Music Staff

Head of Music              Miss R. Foster

Music Teacher              Mr J. Arnold


Peripatetic Tutors                       Mr N. Snell, Senior Orchestra, Jazz Band

                                                Mrs O Thomson, Music Theory

                                                Mrs T. Surginor, Violin and Viola

                                                Miss J. Ferguson, Cello and Double Bass

                                                Mrs J. Bingham, Trumpet, Tenor Horn, French Horn

                                                Mr B. Donnan, Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone, Tuba

                                                Miss H. Morris, Flute & Flute Group

                                                Mr G. Stitt, Flute

                                                Mr A. Thompson, Clarinet, Saxophone and Oboe

                                                Ms J. Bourke, Voice
                                                Mrs E. Lyttle, Piano

                                                Mr A. Thompson, Piano

                                                Mr P. Duffy, Drum-kit

                                                Mr C. Boyd, Guitar

Mr M. Flanagan Guitar and Guitar Club