Physical Education

Head of Sports Studies - Mr M McDowell

Head of Girl's PE: Mrs R Murdock

Head of Boy's PE: Mr M McDowell

Curriculum Physical Education

A typical boys class in Year 8 would expect to experience a block of hockey, gymnastics/dance, basketball, swimming, athletics, tennis and cricket. These blocks last around 6/7/8 weeks according to the annual timetable.

Intra Curricular games classes

Intra Curricular games classes are held for two periods on a designated afternoon for a whole year group e.g. Year 8 boys and girls will have two games periods on a Friday afternoon. During these periods pupils will have a choice of games where they will be given an opportunity to improve their skills in their chosen area.

Qualifications Offered

GCSE Physical Education (CCEA Examination Board)

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and GCE Advanced (A2) Sports Science and The Active Leisure Industry (CCEA Examination Board)

Extra Curricular Physical Education

Extra-Curricular P.E. is the programme initiated by the P.E. Department for pupils who voluntarily wish to spend extra time at their chosen activity, outside the confines of the timetabled day. This programme normally runs after the normal school day has finished but is often supplemented by sessions before school begins and also during break and lunchtime. Most of the major sports have an annually agreed programme of fixtures against other schools. These are generally played on Saturday mornings throughout the school year.