Pastoral Care

Arrangements for Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is an integral part of the whole educational experience offered to our pupils and is not a distinct entity. It underpins every aspect of the pupils’ experience in school, and exists, not for its own sake, but to enable pupils to achieve their potential.  Our aim is to offer the best possible pastoral care by providing support and guidance for pupils in a climate which is characterised by good relationships and mutual respect.

We strive to continue to create an atmosphere in Grosvenor where our young people will feel secure and accepted in a safe environment and where they know that they are valued as individuals.  We encourage our pupils to develop a positive approach to study and support them as they grow in self-esteem, confidence and independent thinking.  We will assist our pupils to make informed career decisions and promote a positive approach to leisure activities and healthy living.

Our relationship with parents/guardians is of the utmost importance to Grosvenor and we will ensure parents are well informed and reassured that their children are being educated in a safe and caring environment and have opportunities to act in partnership with the school.


Grosvenor has developed a formal Pastoral Care system where each pupil belongs to a Form Class under the direct care of a Form Tutor, co-ordinated by a Head of Year and a Head of Junior, Middle and Senior School, with the Vice-Principal i/c Pastoral Care having overall responsibility. A school counsellor, a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo), Assistant SENCo and a Pupil Welfare Auxiliary (school nurse) also play vital roles in providing pastoral care to our pupils.


In Grosvenor, the Form Tutor provides the first and most immediate level of support and help for pupils, with 25 minutes set aside at the beginning of each day to develop relationships in Form Time.

Depending upon the age/educational stage, pupils have different needs.  In order to provide the most appropriate care, the pastoral structure and provision differ slightly between the year groups.


The Head of Year has a key role in the school pastoral structure and provides a constant channel of information, support and encouragement for each pupil, working closely with all involved in pastoral provision. Each Head of Year leads and manages his/her team of Form Tutors and co-ordinates and oversees their work. As well as dealing with individuals, the Head of Year establishes a relationship with each Form Class and promotes a sense of year-group identity, partly through Year Assemblies and year-group activities.  Heads of Year work in partnership with parents, liaising closely with them.


There are 3 Heads of School: Head of Junior School, Head of Middle School and Head of Sixth Form. Each Head of School is also a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Head of Junior School: Mrs D McLaughlin

Head of Middle School: Mrs M Fox

Head of Senior School: Mr J Young

More details of our Pastoral Care Structure within Grosvenor is provided in our Pastoral Care policy.  Click on the link below to download the policy document: