Student Councils

Grosvenor is committed to facilitating an active pupil voice.  To provide an opportunity for pupils to have an input into school policy, Student Councils meet at least once during each term. 

There are currently three Student Councils:

Student Council

Year Groups

Chaired by

Junior School Council    

Years 8 - 10

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl

Middle School Council   

Years 11 and 12

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl

Senior School Council   

Years 13 and 14

Head Boy and Head Girl


Pupil representatives meet with staff to discuss issues, propose changes and listen to others' viewpoints.  Proposals are then taken to the Senior Leadership Team for consideration.

The agenda is discussed with all pupils through their Form classes before each meeting and then after the Council meeting, the pupil representatives present back to all pupils in their year group to explain what was discussed.  The agenda and minutes of each of the Council meetings are displayed on the Student Council Noticeboard.