Animal Club

The Biology Department has had a number of new arrivals this year. A baby Californian corn snake - Starlight - has been given a new home with us. Starlight's parents are our two resident adult Californian corn snakes - Sunset and Nightingale. We also have a new Australian bearded dragon - Mac - who has arrived since Bert and Ernie passed away. Two of our hamsters - Nibbles and Fudge - have unfortunately passed away but we still have Nibbles' son Truffles. You can meet and handle these animals if you become a member of the Animal Club here in school.

Mac the Bearded Dragon

Every Friday at lunchtime we go down to the science department to help look after Mac the lizard. We change his water, pick grass for the locusts and crickets (they get eaten!) and hold Mac. Mac has his own glass fronted box to live in and a log that he likes to sit on and shuffle up and down. He also has a little friend Baby Morris the monkey! He is a little soft toy who sits at the end of the log. Mac is a Bearded Dragon and we think he is really sweet. When he lies down his tummy gets all flattened out. When he stands up his little legs suddenly lift his tummy off the ground. His nails slip and scrape along the table as he crawls; we are always diving across the table to catch him before he walks right off the edge! Mac is green-brown in colour and quite big. He is covered in little spikes and his skin is rough, his back legs bend up and down a bit like a frog. Mac is very cute; he always looks like he is smiling! We love him and want to keep going to animal club for as long as we possibly can!