Army Cadet Force

"Inspire to Achieve"

The Army Cadet Force is a National Voluntary Youth Organization. It is sponsored by the Army and provides challenging military, adventurous and community activities. The aim of the ACF is to develop young people in the qualities required of a good citizen.

Grosvenor Grammar School ACF is part of H Company, 2nd Battalion in Northern Ireland. It is the only detachment in the organization to be sponsored by the Adjutant General's Corps. The Detachment accepts cadets ages 12-18, though one of the few requirements we ask for is that all cadets attend at least one training weekend before attending a two week annual camp.


The detachment meets Monday evenings between 18.30 and 21.00, training weekends are held once a month (various locations) and a two week camp in England during July. Cadets work toward gaining star badges one to four, in addition to this training they also get given the opportunity to gain badges in skill at arms and first aid. Throughout the star levels cadets must complete physical assessments, foot drill, skill at arms, fieldcraft, first aid lessons and cadet in the community activities - a busy routine for all involved.

Grosvenor Detachment has consistently achieved high standards and accumulated a large number of prizes over the past few years, including best one and two star cadet 2005.