Army Cadet Force

"Inspire to Achieve"

The Grosvenor ATC Detachment meets in School every Monday evening from 7.00pm - 9.00pm.  You would be very welcome to join us.

The Army Cadet Force is an extracurricular group structured along military lines and themes. Cadets can join from the age of 12, and are taught basic field craft, skill at arms, first aid, map and compass work, and military knowledge. As they spend more time with the Cadets, they have the opportunity to attend weekends at Ballykinler, annual camps in England and also take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme at all levels. BTEC and First Aid qualifications are also available, which will look good on any CV.

My experience of the cadets has been phenomenal over the last four years. From basic training and overcoming the challenges of adventure training, to the senior weekends of the last year and the section attacks and expeditions I have taken part in, I can now take lots of skills into my future career. This ismy last year in the Cadet Force as a cadet but I look forward to returning as an instructor in future.

The Cadet experience at its fullest is not something you can forget easily, and despite what anyone may have told you about military rations, the food is surprisingly tasty while on exercise. Exercise entails being dressed in full kit and bush hat, carrying rifle and assault vest and face caked in camouflage cream, moving as quietly through the English countryside as possible, to avoid running into a patrol on the lookout for your section, before setting your basha shelter and cooking your dinner on a hexamine burner … and praying you don’t get picked for sentry duty at 4 o’clock in the morning!