Duke of Edinburgh Award

General information

There are three levels of the award - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

There are four sections to each award -

  • Service - to encourage service to others.
  • Skills - to develop personal interests and social and practical skills
  • Physical - to encourage participation and improvement in physical recreation
  • Expeditions - to encourage adventure and discovery

The age range is from the 14th to the 25th birthdays.

15 year olds can begin the Silver award and 16 year olds can start their Gold award.

In Grosvenor most start the Silver award during Form 4 but some may be able to do Bronze in Form 3.

All the sections except the expedition can be done individually in the participant's own time but the expedition has to be done with a group of from 4 to 7 participants.

Expedition Requirements:

The groups should be self-contained with all food and equipment being carried.

Bronze - A two day expedition covering a distance of 24km with one overnight camp.

Silver - A three day expedition covering a distance of 48km with two camps.

Gold - A four day expedition covering a distance of 80km with three overnight camps. The expedition should be in wild, uninhabited country.

Most of Grosvenor's training takes place in the Mournes although we frequently take expeditions outside Northern Ireland.

Summer expeditions have been to

  • Wales
  • Lake district (2 times)
  • Donegal (2 times)
  • Connenmara
  • Scotland (4 times)
  • Bavaria (4 times)
  • Antrim Plateau

Service Requirements:

This should be a service to others and may be anything from assisting in a charity shopto helping the Eco Carers in school look after our environment.

Physical Requirements:

Many pupils complete this section by participating is some of our school sports such as hockey, rugby, fencing or soccer however some pupils participate in many physical activities outside school such as trampolining.

Skills Requirements:

This section uses personal interests and hobbies and could be anything from cross stitch to model making to reading.