Junior Choir


Junior Choir is held on Wednesday and Thursday mornings during              registration period. It is great fun and is a very good way of getting to know people outside of your own class and year group. It is also interesting to be able to sing a wide variety of pieces and genres. 
Our first performance of the year was Prize Day, which took place on 10th October and was held In the Whitla Hall. We sang ‘Rule the World’ by Take That, alongside the Senior Choir. It was a great experience to perform at such a prestigious school event and, for me, was probably the highlight of the school calendar.  We then                     performed at the official opening of the new school building, in which the Junior Choir performed a number of pieces to entertain the audience in   attendance.  
In the New Year, we also performed at the Open Nights for the school; we performed a range of pieces to        entertain prospective pupils of the school and their parents. In March of this year the Junior Choir was heavily involved in the Junior Musical              Production of “Beauty and the Beast”. It was really exciting to be                       involved with such a brilliant show, and it was an even better feeling when it was  a huge success. 
The last big                       performance of the year for the Junior Choir was at the    annual Spring             Concert, held in the William Moles Hall; this event marks all of the musical       successes of the year and the Junior Choir was once again involved. We sang “Zadok the Priest” by Handel, and “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay.  We sang these two pieces alongside the senior pupils and this was once again a great success for the choir.
This has been a brilliant year for the Junior Choir and I would like to     congratulate everyone involved. I would like to say a special thank you to MISS FOSTER and MR ARNOLD, as our success and talents would have been nothing without their help and support. 
I am going to miss Junior Choir next year when I become a senior pupil, and would advise anyone who loves singing to get involved as it is a great way to meet new people and have really good fun.


The Junior Choir has had a very successful year which included a live performance for BBC Children In Need, Junior Prize Day and Grosvenor’s Musical Evening. The Junior Choir is conducted by the wonderful Miss Foster and

accompanied on piano by the fantastic Mr Arnold. We sing a vast range of songs from Gary Barlow’s ‘Sing’ to Queen’s We Are the Champions’. Many students from Junior Choir also took part in this year’s school play ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ with some even in the main cast. As you can see musically this has been a great year for Grosvenor and an even better one is to come so why not come along on a Wednesday afternoon and sing with us?


Patrick Gordon and Joshua Harvey, Form One


At Junior Choir we sing great songs, such as Queen Medleys, Adele and Take That. Recently we participated in BBC Children in Need, where we sang ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ live on television with Lagan College and Lumen Christi College. It was an amazing experience for all of us. We also took part in the Musical Evening. We also took part in Prize Day where we sang with the Senior Choir. I would really recommend joining the Junior Choir. I can guarantee that you will enjoy it!


James Morrison, Form Two