The National Bar Mock Trial Competition

In our first case Gareth Thompson and Chris Moore took centre stage as barristers, and Ross Neill and Aaron Godfrey as witnesses. Their performances were all highly praised. In the next case Bethany McClean and I took the lead roles of barristers, with Catherine Johnston and Rachel Fitzsimmons as witnesses. In my opinion Rachel stole the show. The opposing barrister was unable to faze her at all with his questioning and she had the whole courtroom in stitches! In the third case Gareth Thompson and Chris Moore put in further great performances and following this we eagerly awaiting the results of this stage of the competition. Unfortunately we didn’t get through to the final but we all had a great time and were happy that we did justice to the work that we, our barrister tutor David, and Ms Seaton, had put in. By Amy McConnell, Upper Sixth