Senior Orchestra

The deep rumblings emerging from the depths of the Music Department on Thursday afternoons belong to the Senior Orchestra, conducted by Nigel Snell. The Orchestra provides everyone with a chance to play music together and develop playing and performance skills that can only be experienced in the challenges of group-playing. We practise a variety of pieces, which this year included ‘From A Distance’ by Julie Gold, a George Gershwin medley and ‘A Trumpeter’s Lullaby’ featuring soloist Mark Dawson. Not only is Orchestra beneficial for developing instrumental skills, it is good fun and Mr Snell’s poor jokes never fail to entertain! Naomi Gray, Upper Sixth

Concert Band

In all eight of the School’s musicians performed with the band throughout December, namely: Stuart Campbell (Upper 6th), Jenny Casement (Upper 6th), Mark Dawson (Upper 6th, Deputy Head Boy), Katelin Fiddis (Form 5), Ryan Johnston (Form 4), Stephen Kelly (Lower 6th), Gordon Kelly (Form 2) and Joel McCracken (Form 5).