Public speaking


On the evening of Wednesday 28th November, five girls from Forms 5 and Lower 6th made their way to the Stormont Pavilion to take part in the Annual Youth Public Speaking Awards held by Soroptimist International for young women.

The girls who entered the competition were provided with six topics of discussion to choose from and myself, Eve McClelland (Form 5), Nicole Muirhead (Lower 6th) and Shanah Chauke (Lower 6th) all chose the topic of ‘Not for Sale: End Human Trafficking’ whilst Alexandria McClune (Lower 6th) chose to speak on ‘www: World Wide Worry’.

After choosing a topic, each girl was to prepare a speech lasting no less than four minutes but no longer than six minutes – this took some practice as all of us tend to be quite talkative! The speech was be learned and then presented to a judging panel and an audience on the night.

After some stress on my and Shanah’s part (due mostly to late buses), we all arrived at the Stormount Pavilion where nerves began to kick in. Nineteen girls participated on the night, we had the running order and all we could do was to wait for our turn. All the girls were amazing and the standard was exceptionally high. Once the judges left to do the adjudication we calmed down a little and had a good laugh and a few nibbles to eat before the results were announced.

The Grosvenor girls gave strong performances, and I was awarded third place overall. We were all very proud of each other and we all performed well under the pressure. The night was a great success and nobody walked away empty handed – we all got a certificate and a pen torch! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and although for most of us, including myself, it was our first time doing public speaking, I’m sure it will not be our last.

Christina Cousins, Lower Sixth