Scripture Union

Scripture Union meets on a Tuesday afternoon and is for all pupils in Years 8 -14. We enjoy worship, talks and good fellowship and would normally have over 100 each Tuesday.

The 2017/18 Scripture Union Committee pictured after the Annual Weekend in June 2018

Scripture Union

Scripture Union is an organisation allowing pupils to learn more about Jesus Christ and how He is an influence in modern society.  This year, Grosvenor’s SU began with a huge number of pupils, with over 60 members in the first week.

The year began looking at identity and how Christ shapes who Christians are and what they live for. This was followed by the annual ‘Shine’ videos, provided by Scripture Union themselves. Other organisations, like ‘Crown Jesus’ led us through a series on the letters of Paul, known as the Epistles. Themes throughout this year have impacted us and challenged how we lived our everyday life. Worship has been a key part of SU and we give a huge thanks to the worship team, led by Sarah Myles, as they did a fantastic job every week.

Bible studies were held weekly for Junior and Senior School, attracting large numbers to it. It had such a great turnout that we even had to move to a bigger room to accommodate the numbers, which was so encouraging! During this, one of the Year 14 students gave a short talk which we then discussed in small groups. The theme that we looked at was ‘Holy Habits of the Heart’, looking at topics like confession, which we as Christians can apply to our daily lives.

Throughout the year, a couple of events were held to promote outreach within the school. Pupils were encouraged to invite some of their friends who weren’t Christians or not part of the S.U. to give them a fun opportunity to hear about Jesus. We had a crepe café, which was very popular as many people who hadn’t been to SU before came and heard a Christian talk, while we were treated to chocolate crepes handmade by some of our older pupils. At Christmas, we had our annual party, playing lots of festive games but most importantly hearing different parts of the Christmas story and how it is still relevant today. Our last event was the Easter party, where we learnt the significance of the Easter story while doing lots of fun activities.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the incredible work done by the committee this year, with special thanks to Judah McNaughten who was the President of S.U. They organised a very exciting and enjoyable year that challenged and impacted us through the teaching and we are certain that all who went will agree.  The committee has done an exceptional job leading this year with great enthusiasm. We have been greatly impacted by all that has been taught at SU and we can’t wait for the up and coming year of SU.

Laura Todd, Jordan Brown & Mark Crooks - Year 13

Scripture Union Weekend 2018

On Friday, 22 June 2018, a group of 40 Grosvenor pupils travelled to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum for the annual SU weekend. Everyone was looking forward to a weekend full of fun and fellowship.

Throughout the weekend, Mr Smith did a number of encouraging and challenging talks around being a disciple of Jesus, using passages from the Gospel of Matthew. A panel night was held on the Saturday night where all pupils could ask questions to the panel, consisting of staff and senior pupils. These questions ranged from deep theological questions to some less so! This gave us an opportunity to learn more about our teachers and peers, as well as delving deeper into what the Bible has to say about some topical issues that are prominent in society today. Some additional aspects to this weekend were the prayer space, set up as somewhere to go for a time of reflection, and the personalised cards, which allowed us the opportunity to encourage each other. The worship was incredible, as always, it was led by Sarah Myles, James Magrath and Sam McClintock.

The SU weekend would not be complete without some competitive team games on the Friday night, a murder mystery event on the Saturday night and a trip to Bangor on the Saturday afternoon, including a great photo challenge.

A big thank you to the committee of 2017-2018 who have been superb in SU throughout the year. The committee included Judah McNaughten, Amy Cullen, Dan Whitcroft, Rachel Simpson, Rebekah Wilson, Tianna Jackson, Sarah Myles and James Martin. The SU weekend could not have happened without all the planning and support from all the teachers: Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Caulfield, Mr Young and Mr Smith. A special thank you to Mr Smith who stepped in at the last minute to speak.

Lucy Beattie 11V