String Groups

String Quartet

Grosvenor's string quartet is a thriving group and is a popular accompaniment at a wide range of events.

String Ensemble

The String Ensemble practises each Thursday after school and has become quite a large group, with lots of violins, violas, cellos and a double bass! Over the past year we have built up an extensive and varied repertoire, including something to suit everyone’s tastes and all brilliant to learn together as a group. We play a range of music, from stately baroque pieces by Handel or Corelli, to more modern arrangements such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”. We all really enjoy rehearsing and performing with the String Ensemble, and it’s great to be able to play all together as a group.

The past year has undoubtedly been a particularly successful one for the String Ensemble. Starting the year was a performance at Stormont Buildings, for Braniel Primary School’s, 50th Anniversary celebration in the company of the First Minister, MR MCLOUGHLIN and MR WYLIE. It is very encouraging to see that our numbers are increasing and that the younger members are so willing to challenge themselves with the often difficult repertoire of music that the String Ensemble plays.

This year we have had a change of leadership in the string ensemble, with REBECCA GILLILAND (Upper 6th) and CHRIS WALLACE, Deputy Head Boy, co-leading the cello section along with LOIS CHAPMAN (Form 5). In the past year we have introduced some new pieces into our repertoire, namely “Amadeus” from Symphony No 25 by Mozart and arranged by the Hoffman, Corrente by Correlli , “La Rejoussance” by Handel, “Autumn” from the ‘Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi and the contemporary “Ashokan Farewell”, not to forget the favourites such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The challenge has been enjoyable and it is clear to see that there is an exceptional amount of talent within the String Ensemble. At this point I would like to thank Rebecca Gilliland and Chris Wallace, both of upper sixth, for their contribution to the String Ensemble over the past number of years and they will be sadly missed when they leave in June.

At Open Nights this year I think it is fair to say that everyone enjoyed the variety of music that was on offer. This year we were in musical demand, playing at the annual Musical Evening, the Community Concert at Glenburn Methodist Church, and the opening celebrations at the Lyric Theatre.

Finally, it is important to give credit to MISS FOSTER, without whom the String Ensemble could not run successfully. Thanks also must go to MS SEATON for her help amongst the violins and MR ARNOLD, who provides the keyboard accompaniment. The teachers’ hard work and encouragement are what makes the String Ensemble so successful and enjoyable.


The String Ensemble at Parliament Buildings


It was with great anticipation that my sister and I passed through the Stormont security on a cold December       evening.  The Grosvenor Grammar School StringEnsemble had been invited to entertain the invited guests at Braniel Primary School’s 50th anniversary celebration. 


After passing through security we went in through the side entrance of the magnificent Parliament Buildings to the grand entrance hall where other members of the ensemble were setting up their equipment for the grand  occasion.


Soon the guests started to arrive, by which time we were all tuned up and ready to start.  We played through a   number of pieces including Handel’s “La Rejansance” and Cornelli’s “Cornette”. Miss Foster led us admirably as always to create a magnificent experience as we realised that all of our hard work over the previous weeks had paid off. 


We then received a shock as we noticed Mr Wylie standing watching us from the edge of the hall!  Shocks then went deeper still as Mr McLoughlin himself put in an appearance as well, congratulating us on our musical performance.  It was an incredible experience and one which we will never forget, as how many people can claim to have played inside Stormont’s Parliament Buildings?


Thomas Greeves (5S)

String Ensemble play for the Opening Celebrations of the Lyric Theatre


It was with great anticipation that the String Ensemble went to play in the newly opened Lyric Theatre in May of this year. We arrived at half past four and, after a quick warm up piece,were taken on a tour of the Theatre.


We were told that in order to build the new theatre, £18 million had to be raised and that quite a lot of this sum was provided by private donors. We were also told a bit about the history of the Lyric and about Mary O’Malley, the founder. After the tour was over we were provided with a drink, before starting to play.


Under Miss Foster’s excellent leadership we played the “Ashokan Farewell”, “Pavane, La Rejouissance” an “Amadeus” to an audience who, while lacking in numbers, made up for it with a lot of enthusiasm to hear more.                      


The day was very enjoyable and it was a pleasure to play in such a prestigious location. 


Thomas Greeves (5S)