Young Enterprise

Business Enterprise Day

This year a group of 21 pupils applied to be part of a Mini-Enterprise company called ‘Cover Up’ selling mobile phone covers. The business was designed to help those involved build and develop skills and put their theory from Business Studies into practice.

The first stage was the application process. Each potential candidate handed in a CV and covering letter to Mrs Hunter-Burns and Mrs Dorman who led the project. After each candidate had applied for their position, interviews were then held over two days. This proved stressful, as for some it was the first experience of a real job interview. Mrs Hunter-Burns and Mrs Dorman then gave each candidate the position that best suited them. Various roles included Managing Director which I was appointed, Deputy Managing Director, Marketing Director and Deputies, Operations Director and Deputies, Sales and IT, Finance, PR, Company Secretaries and Human Resources. After roles were appointed we all went on a team bonding trip to help us get to know the members better. This was a worthwhile exercise and helped us to build an effective team.

Shortly after the appointments were made, there was a weekly meeting set up on Monday during lunchtimes. This gave us the opportunity to meet together, share ideas and make decisions. The fist task we were faced with was to come up with a product idea. Jason Davidson the Operations director came up with the idea of personalised iphone covers which everyone loved immediately. We went with this idea and we then spent time thinking of a name. We decided the name ‘CoverUp’ best suited our idea of iphone covers. The next thing we needed to do was build some capital, each pupil in the business bought shares worth £5 and then they had to get an external investor for example their mum or dad to also invest.

Once we had raised some capital there were a few assets we needed to purchase in order to make the cases. We needed a sublimation printer, special paper, and plain iphone cases with a metal plate in which the ink was transferred from the paper using a heat press. We spent a long time branding our name throughout the school with posters and a video advert that was played in assembly and on the televisions in the canteen. Our facebook page was also very useful in spreading the word about our product. It resulted in purchases of our product from outside school. Production took place on Friday afternoons in the Technology and Design Department where Mr Taggart allowed us to use his room. The Human Resources team worked hard to resolve any disputes which arose during the course of the running of the company and ensured motivation levels were maintained.

Coming up to Valentines Day we also thought it would be a good idea to sell roses in school with a free delivery Service. These where a massive hit and we sold over 150 in the space of a week. The roses were a simple idea and easy to make, by buying wooden roses, cellophane which was wrapped around the rose, and ribbon to tie a special message to.

Overall we sold about 100 cases at £7 each and made a big profit. This profit was then split between shareholders who where all delighted with the profit made. Being a part of this project has been very rewarding. It has helped me develop my own leadership and communication skills as well as giving me a better understanding of some areas that I am studying in Business Studies. I think I speak for all members of the company when I say we have all gained valuable experience relating to running a business and equally important working with people. Mrs Hunter-Burns and Mrs Dorman’s hard work is appreciated as they gave up a lot of their time and effort to guide and support us through the project. I would definitely recommend the Mini-Enterprise project to anyone in school interested in getting to know more about running a business and possibly becoming an entrepreneur some day.

Michael Magee (Managing Director)