The 2012/13 season has been a very successful year for the club, with our fencers achieving excellent results in their age group and senior open competitions.

Special congratulations must go to the following:

-Tony Eve and Stephen Brown who came 1st and 2nd respectively in the Derry Open. -Jonathan Little who came 5th in his first year at U14 level in the British Youth Championships in May 2013 in Sheffield, having won the U12 event last season. Jonathan can only improve when he becomes eligible to take part in Open Competitions in January 2014. Jonathan also came 1st overall in the NI Junior Foil Series in the U16 category. -Deanna Montgomery–Shields who was a finalist in U18 Sabre at the British Youth Championships. -The fencers selected to fence for N Ireland in the Sainsbury UK Schools’ Games in September 2013. They are Tony Eve, Stephen Brown (both Foil), Sam Gourley (Epee), Jake Wylie (Sabre) and Deanna Montgomery–Shields (Sabre).

Also this year:

The Club held a training week in school during August under the instruction of Don McKenzie, Scottish Commonwealth medallist, and ex-Olympian.

As part of our commitment to Sport NI Clubmark, we held outreach sessions in two schools.

Hunterhouse College became our partner club when we introduced fencing there. I am pleased to report that this club is now thriving with many of the girls achieving success in their first competitions. The second school targeted was Cairnshill, where former pupil Clarke Little gave instruction to 16 very enthusiastic P7 pupils on Thursday afternoons.

The club was also asked by Belfast City Council to exhibit displays in Leisure Centres and to take part in the Olympic Try-it event at the Ozone. We also gave a display in the Long Gallery at Parliament Buildings, Stormont. We thank all the fencers who participated in these events.

Thanks are due to our main coaches Clarke Little, David Jackson, senior coach Johnny Davis and visiting coach Mike Westgate (Maitre d’Armes).

I would also like to acknowledge all the parents who freely give their time to assist both on club evenings and at competitions, taking on the roles of treasurer, web-master, publicity, club development, secretary, child protection, disability awareness, first aid, transport, armourer, competition organisation. All volunteers and coaches are Access NI registered through both Grosvenor and NI Fencing.

Any member of the school, including staff and parents, who would like to try the sport should come along to the Sports Hall on Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm, when instruction in Foil is given to young fencers and beginners of all ages.

For further information visit the club website: www.grosvenorfencingclub.co.uk

Fencing Results 2012/13 season.

August: South of Ireland Open Men’s Foil Stephen Brown 3rd, Gareth Reid 22nd Men’s Sabre Jake Wylie 9th

October North West Open Men’s Foil Stephen Brown 3rd, Sam Gourley 7th, Gareth Reid 8th, Ryan Simpson 11th. Men’s Sabre Jake Wylie 5th

                           Duffy  Sabre
                Jake Wylie  13th

                West of Ireland
                Men’s Foil    Stephen Brown 3rd, Gareth Reid 8th 

November Derry Open Men’s Foil Tony Eve 1st, Stephen Brown 2nd, Sam Gourley 9th Ryan Simpson 18th Men’s Sabre Jake Wylie 11th
Women’s Sabre Deanna Montgomery Shields 10th

December Irish Open
Men’s Foil Stephen Brown 8th Women’s Sabre Deanna Montgomery –Shields 14th

January N.I Open Men’s Foil Stephen Brown 5th, Sam Gourley 13th, Jordan Williams 31st Men’s Sabre Jake Wylie 17th

February East of Ireland Men’s Foil Stephen Brown 7th Women’s Sabre Deanna Montgomery- Shields 13th

March Irish Nationals Men’s Epee Sam Gourley 22nd Women’s Sabre Deanna Montgomery Shields 10th

March Belfast Open Men ’s Foil Stephen Brown 4th, Tony Eve 8th Men’s Epee Sam Gourley 14th Men’s Sabre Jordan Williams 12th Women’s Sabre Deanna Montgomery-Shields 6th

N Ireland Junior Foil Series

Series 1 ( Nov ) U14 Girls Rose Gilmore 3rd U14 Boys David Eve 1st, Mark Woods 11th U16 Boy’s Sam Gourley 1st, Jonathan Little 2nd, Jeffrey Johnston 6th, Jordan Williams 7th, Cameron Hamilton 8th

Series 2 (Dec) U14 Boys David Eve 10th, Mark Woods 15th U16 Boys Jonathan little 2nd, Sam Gourley 3rd, Ryan Simpson 7th, Jeffrey Johnston 8th Cameron Hamilton 11th

Series 3 (Jan) U14 Boys David Eve 3rd, Mark Woods 8th U16 Boys Stewart McClune 6th, Jordan Williams 8th

Series 4 ( March) U14 Boys David Eve 3rd Mark Woods 8th U16 Boys Jonathan Little 1st, Stewart Mc Clune 2nd Jordan Williams 6th

Series 5 (April) U14 Girls Rose Gilmore 5th U14 Boys David Eve 5th, Mark Woods 11th U16 Boys Jonathan Little 1st, Stewart Mc Clune 5th Cameron Hamilton 8th

Overall Series Results:

U 16 Boys Jonathan Little 1st, Stewart Mc Clune 7th, Sam Gourley 8th Jordan Williams 9th, Cameron Hamilton 11th, Jeffrey Johnston 12th, Ryan Simpson 15th U14 Boys David Eve 3rd, Mark Woods 11th U 14 Girls Rose Gilmore 9th