Friends of Grosvenor

We are a group which consists of parents and teachers, who come together to organise and support events which provide a wide variety of experiences for all of the pupils who are part of the Grosvenor Community.

We meet on the second Monday of each month, usually within the School's Careers Suite.  We can provide the 'parent voice' to ideas that come from the School's Leadership Team and we fundraise to support the extra-curricular life of the School.  More importantly, we also assist with many other projects in the Grosvenor Communicty by offering our time and energy where it’s needed. There’s also the important social aspect too – we get together socially twice a year, just to relax and get to know one another beyond the school gate.  If you are interested in joining FoG then please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

FoG Meetings 2018/19

Please note that agendas and meeting minutes can be sent out upon request via our email address (

Remaining Meetings (A203 at 7:00pm):


Monday, 11 March 2019

Monday, 8  April 2019

Monday, 13 May 2019

Monday, 10 June 2019

Examples of FoG involvement in Grosvenor

Drama Productions

We're All in on the Act

Parents and pupils alike often wonder what it is that Friends of Grosvenor (FoG) get up to during the school terms.  We like to think that we generate good faith amongst the parents and maintain a connection to the School, whilst at the same time raising much needed funds.

During the month of February, we enjoyed the School Production of the Addams Family, which had taken up months of rehearsals and set building.  All was going well until, on the eve of the show, the amplifier in the William Moles Hall broke down.  Without that familiar piece of equipment, the show simply could not go on!  In stepped the Friends of Grosvenor who were immediately able to provide funds for a replacement amplifier and so the show went on.  So, as well as providing the refreshments on the night, which was a very visible exercise, we were also amplifying the entire show.  Being part of the Friends of Grosvenor community might not seem worthwhile, but we really are all in on the act too.

Pitch Side Refreshments

Each year we provide the pitch side refreshments every Saturday Morning to support the school sports matches.  We provide a range of drinks and refreshments for everyone out supporting their team.  It is a welcome addition on the cold wet mornings when parents, teachers and the wider Grosvenor Community come together to give a cheering voice to their team of choice.  In November 2018, we donated a shed to the School to help with the provision of pitch side refreshments, as can be seen below:

The joint Chairpersons of Friends of Grosvenor, Joanne Mitchell (left) and Sharon Kelly (right) pictured outside the new shed used to sell pitchside refreshments during our Saturday sporting programme.  Special thanks to 'AheadinSheds' for making the shed.

The School estimates that there are between 250-300 pupils involved each week in the Saturday sporting programme.  Grosvenor is in a particularly privileged position of being able to accommodate rugby, boys hockey and girls hockey all at the same venue and very close to each other.  The School also estimates that there are between 250-300 pupils involved in the Saturday sporting programme which, combined with the parents, supporters and visiting schools, all means that the shed is a wonderful addition and adds so much to the Grosvenor community on Saturday mornings.  

Open Nights

We serve refreshments and talk to parents who visit the school during our annual Open Nights in January and give them a first-hand parental perspective of what it’s like to be a member of Grosvenor and share the opportunities and experiences our children have had.

Second-Hand Uniform Sale

The Second-Hand Uniform Sale is an important part of what we do.  Many parents are grateful to be able to use good quality uniform passed on from another child, which is a fraction of the cost of brand new. If you have any items that you are feel able to contribute, we would welcome them gladly.

Quiz Night

We normally run our annual Quiz Night in October which many of the children and parents enjoy.  It is a fun activity where new pupils and their families can get to know one another, and mix with some of the older children and members of staff. 

FoG Quiz Night Quizmasters Yara Eltayeb (left) and Lisa Purdy (right), both Year 14.

A team of Year 12 pupils enjoying themselves on the Friends of Grosvenor Quiz Night.

Spring Concert and Drama Productions

Each year the School performs a Spring Concert and Drama Production at which we are asked to provide refreshments.  It is another good chance for fundraising and we get to enjoy the performances!

Year 8 Parent Evening

In May, we are usually around to assist with welcoming the new families of pupils who have been accepted into Grosvenor.  We are again on hand to answer the many questions that parents might have, which range from uniform to buses.

Social Evening

June is the final social event of the school year and we get together at a local restaurant, have dinner and a couple of drinks, let our hair down and look forward to the summer break.

All of the activities wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of the Friends of Grosvenor and we’d welcome any new members to the meetings or even suggest ideas. Every little helps!

How can you get involved?

We run raffles at the drama performances and musical evenings.  If you would like to provide a raffle prize, they would be very welcome.  Please leave them at reception.  If would like to help during one of the evenings, please contact through the email address below.

We are happy to receive any items of school uniform or games kit that your child has outgrown.  Any items can be left at reception.  We are planning our next sale at the end of February.

We meet on the second Monday in every month at 7pm in the Careers Area of School.  You would be most welcome to join us.

Contact Us

If you would like to help in any way, or just get in touch, please email