School Life

Our Mission and Aims

The Grosvenor Ethos

The importance placed on the care of our pupils is reflected by and embedded within the Grosvenor Ethos: 




Working together

Fostering mutual understanding

Developing self and others

Mission Statement:

“To inspire our pupils within a supportive, caring environment to be lifelong learners, enabling all pupils to realise their full potential and become tolerant and confident adults.”

Within our school, we aim:

  • to ensure that every individual is valued within an inclusive learning environment;
  • to enable pupils to achieve high levels of success in all of their activities and prepare them for adult and working life;
  • to provide a broad, balanced curriculum and extensive extra-curricular programme;
  • to encourage the personal, moral and spiritual growth of our pupils and to encourage a sense of pride in being a member of the Grosvenor community and
  • to build upon the partnerships between pupils, staff, parents, local and international communities, so that everyone enjoys and benefits from their experience of Grosvenor.