‘2015 CREST Teacher Recognition Award’

Congratulations to Grosvenor’s Head of Science Mrs Janet Auld who was recently recognized for her dedication and hard work in supporting CREST Awards over the past twelve months through receipt of the prestigious ‘2015 CREST Teacher Recognition Award’.

Mrs Auld’s Award was allocated by the Education Team of the British Science Association after she successfully completed 52 CREST Awards for her students during 2014-2015.

Mrs Auld’s award is one of just 300 presented to teachers from throughout the U.K. and comes following a year in which more than 33,000 pupils were awarded either a CREST Gold, Silver, Bronze or Discovery Award.

Well done to Mrs Auld on her significant contribution to these outstanding numbers and we look forward to hearing of many more Grosvenor pupils attaining CREST awards during 2015-2016.

Mrs Auld, pictured alongside Principal Dr. Vasey, proudly displays her '2015 CREST Teacher Recognition Award'.