A2 Sports Science: Soft Arrow Combat

Congratulations to a number of Grosvenor’s A2 Sports Science students who successfully staged a first for GGS when they organized and ran a Soft Arrow Combat event in the William Moles Hall, for pupils and staff, which was staged throughout the entirety of Thursday 15th December.

The pupils were tasked with the idea of planning and running an event in the active leisure industry as part of the coursework module of their subject and, after much consideration, elected to stage an event based around the idea of Soft Arrow Combat: a new concept to Northern Ireland but one which is very popular in other parts of the world, including Asia.

Although co-ordinated by the pupils themselves, the running of the event was facilitated by former Grosvenor pupil Aaron Boyd, who has recently set up a new company in Northern Ireland along with his friend Pete Kernahan, and who persuaded the students of the worth of the soft arrow combat conception during a visit to speak with them at the beginning of the academic year.

On the day itself an incredible sixty pupils took part across the entirety of the school day, with ten teams of six paired off to compete in a series of different game modes. During junior lunch, meanwhile, pupils who were not eligible to take part in the event itself got the opportunity to shoot arrows at GGS P.E. teacher Mr McDowell as well as a couple of additional group members!

Each player who took part in the main event received a personalised Grosvenor lanyard while t- shirts were also provided to distinguish between the groups. After school, meanwhile, a teacher event was also held for members of staff wanting to take part which, again, proved highly popular: especially when Mr White was on the receiving end of a number of accurate strikes!

From the customer feedback forms it appears that everyone that took part had a fun and enjoyable day and managed to learn new concepts and skill sets. Well done to pupils Stuart Nelson, Daniel Larmour, Ross Nelson, Josh Kelly, Kurtis Elliott, Jonny Ennis and Mark Courtney who worked so diligently to ensure the success of the event. In addition, special thanks must go to Head of Boys’ P.E. Mr Gibson who was instrumental in the planning phase, to Mr McDowell, who volunteered to help out at lunchtime with the junior pupils, and to Aaron and Pete who provided the equipment.

A small profit was made from the event and will be given to a nominated charity. Hopefully by holding a large event like this it will encourage pupils to try this sport again outside of school and raise the profile of Soft Arrow Combat.

Stuart Nelson (Head Boy)  

A brave delgation of teachers who participated in the Soft Arrow Combat initiatve after school on Thursday 15th December.