A2 Travel and Tourism workshop

On Thursday 25th January Grosvenor’s Year Thirteen Travel and Tourism pupils participated in a customer service workshop, led by local retail businessman Stuart Cordner. As part of their course, pupils study the importance of providing excellent service to customers and must, accordingly, demonstrate excellent customer service skills in role play scenarios.

Stuart, a past pupil who has had an illustrious career in retail, is the proprietor of Cordner’s Comber Road Spar in Dundonald, which fantastically won ‘UK Independent Community Retailer of the Year’ in 2017.

Stuart began the afternoon by informing the class of his experience within retail and the opportunities it has afforded to him. He then gave the class some helpful advice on how to effectively sell a product, how to meet the customer’s individual needs and how to deal with complaints effectively. 

The class thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will no doubt benefit from the advice given when they come to complete their portfolios. A huge thank you must go to Stuart for taking time out of his busy schedule to invest in the pupils - it is greatly appreciated and valued – as well as Grosvenor’s own Mr Winters who was responsible for organising and coordinating the successful initiative.

Local businessman Stuart Cordner with Grosvenor's Year Thirteen Travel and Tourism students during his visit to the School at the end of January.