'Action Cancer' awareness sessions

On Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th and Thursday 16th January, Grosvenor welcomed representatives from ‘Action Cancer’ to the school where they delivered a series of worthwhile, informative sessions regarding healthy living and raising awareness in relation to cancer.

The sessions were for all pupils in Years 9 and 11, with approximately 320 students involved over the three days. The workshops for Year Nine focused on Healthy Living and were interactive in nature; designed to give students knowledge in relation to healthy lifestyles, as well as habits to reduce their risk of cancer and other health conditions. The sessions included information on the dangers of smoking, the impact of alcohol, the importance of healthy eating, how to stay safe in the sun, the benefits of physical activity and tips on stress management. They were also designed with inclusive learning in mind and incorporated visual aids, such as pigs’ lungs, to show the effects of smoking.

The Year 11 sessions, meanwhile, focused on increasing knowledge and awareness of common cancers. During these discussions pupils learnt about the signs and symptoms of different types of cancer, the risks of developing cancer and how to self-examine. These sessions were interactive and practical in nature, with students having the opportunity to use self-examination models and take part in discussion and activities around a range of topics.

Many thanks to the six different ‘Action Cancer’ representatives who delivered these extremely worthwhile sessions over the three days – feedback from pupils has been extremely positive and we therefore look forward to, hopefully, welcoming the organisation back to the school again before long.

'Action Cancer' representatives with some of Grosvenor's Year 11 pupils during a highly worthwhile session on Monday 14th January.