Army Cadets - ‘Calcutta Cup Military Skills Competition’

Congratulations to Grosvenor pupil Ryan McMaster, Year Fourteen, who excelled at the recent ‘Calcutta Cup Military Skills Competition’, one of the toughest competitions in the calendar of Northern Ireland’s renowned Army Cadets.

Cadets from across the province attended the grueling weekend, which tested their mental and physical prowess as they pitted their skills against each other in areas such as First Aid, shooting and field craft – to name just a few.

Congratulations on the achievements of all those who took part in the challenge; every team showed a fantastic mix of determination, skills and physical fitness over the course of the weekend. In particular, the esteemed Grosvenor Detachment was ready for the challenge and faced the competition with great energy, enthusiasm and a sense of humour throughout. Their efforts were rewarded with the position of 2nd Detachment in the overall competition, with Ryan leading his team in an exemplary manner - encouraging the confidence of his team, recognising individual strengths and demanding a high level of performance. As a result of his outstanding display, it came as little surprise to anyone present when Ryan was awarded the ‘Best Section Commander’ accolade at the culmination of the event - a well deserved award following an incredibly challenging weekend.

Well done to Ryan and his teammates on their impressive showing at this elite competition and we hope that it is the first of many successes that they enjoy over the coming months. 

Grosvenor pupil Ryan McMaster proudly displays the 'Best Section Commander' accolade at the cumination of this year's 'Calcutta Cup Military Skills Competition'.