Sports Day 2012

Monday 11th June 2012 saw Grosvenor’s population ascend on mass to the School Athletics Track for its annual Sports Day Competition. 

Competitors from Forms 1-3 performed in a range of track and field competitions on the day, with notable performances coming from Daniel Millar (Form One Boys’ High Jump: 1.30 metres), Anna Stanfield (Form One Girls’ Long Jump: 3.76 metres), Andrew Proctor (Form Two Boys' 100 metres: 13.9 seconds), Ross Nelson (Form 2 Boys’ Shot: 8.85 metres), Sophie Rea (Form 2 Girls’ 800 metres: 2 minutes 53.8 seconds), Adam Wilson (Form 3 Boys’ 100 metres: 12.6 seconds) and Joanna Wright (Form 3 Girls’ 200 metres: 29.2 seconds). 

In the inter-class competitions Forms 1R, 2G and 3R were victorious with 113, 132 and 119 points respectively. 

Congratulations to all of the competitors who helped to make this year’s Sports Day such a success, as well as the staff members who organised the event and officiated on the day.