AS Geography Field Trip to Magilligan Field Centre

On Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th November the School’s AS Level Geography students made their way to Magilligan Field Centre in order to complete essential fieldwork required for the Skills paper in their AS examinations.

On the first day of the trip the students completed a sand dune study at ten different sites at Umbra Reserve, Magilligan: this involved pupils taking measurements of temperature, wind speed, soil moisture and vegetation type along a specified transect, beginning down at the shoreline and ending in a woodland. It was a really wet, cold and all-round miserable day but pupils remained in high spirits and seemed to enjoy learning outside of the classroom for a few days. Following the study the evening was spent collating results into a table and writing up fieldwork reports which the pupils will take with them into their AS examinations in May.

On the second and final day the pupils were split into groups of three and required to conduct questionnaires in Coleraine town centre in order to find out how far people had travelled to shop in the area. Pupils commented on how some members of the public would change the direction they were walking in to avoid chatting to someone with a clipboard (mentioning it was for a school study seemed to help)!

Pupils were also given a specific service, such as banks or jewelers, to focus on, and had to plot their locations on a map of the town: this information was to gain knowledge of geographical techniques, content which again will be used in the Skills paper during the AS exams.

In all the two day trip proved extremely worthwhile for all eleven pupils involved and will be essential when it comes to them sitting their AS paper in the summer. Many thanks to Michale and Nathalie, the members of staff at Magiligan Field Centre who were so helpful in directing our pupils during their stay, as well as Grosvenor’s own Miss Berry and Mr Smyth, without whose supervision the trip would not have been possible.

We now hope that the findings of this trip help the pupils to achieve some excellent results come their AS examinations next summer. 

Grosvenor's Geography students watch carefully as one aspect of their fieldwork is demonstrated to them during their visit to Magiligan at the beginning of November.

More GGS AS students brave the inclement weather conditions during their fieldwork study at Magilligan.