AS Geography - Magilligan Field Trip 2018

On Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th October twenty of Grosvenor's Year Thirteen Geographers, along with staff members Mrs Rea and Mr Smith, made the lengthy but worthwhile journey to Magilligan Field Centre, where they undertook important fieldwork necessary to the completion of their AS studies. 

On Wednesday 3rd the pupils’ fieldwork was carried out on Umbra Nature Reserve, with pupils studying a psammosere by collecting data along a transect, from the youngest to the oldest dunes. The following day, meanwhile, saw students complete a questionnaire in Coleraine - assessing the impact of out-of-town shopping centres on Coleraine’s town centre, as a necessary requirement of their AS3 examination.

Many thanks to the ever-helpful members of staff at Magilligan for their continued assistance – in particular Mr Michael Cross who never fails to disappoint through the help and expertise that he so willingly provides. Compliments also to the pupils who were exemplary in their conduct and interest: we now look forward to their diligence being ultimately rewarded when final AS examination results are published next August. 

AS Geogrpahers busy completing their fieldwordk during their visit to Magilligan Field Centre at the beginning of October.