AS Level Biology Field Trip

On Monday 3rd April over fifty of the School’s AS Level Biology students made the journey to Killough, Co. Down, where the weather managed to stay dry despite the, at times, cold and windy conditions.

The pupils worked very hard throughout the day, carrying out a belt transect to show the zonation of brown seaweeds on a rocky shore before studying how limpets are adapted to exposed and sheltered conditions on the shore.

The experience proved extremely worthwhile and the work carried out on the day was later able to be put to use in the pupils’ work relating to 'AS 3:Practical Skills in AS Biology', which counts for 25% of their final AS grade.

Many thanks to Grosvenor’s Head of Biology, Mrs Reid, who organised the trip; we hope that this experience will now contribute towards impressive final grades come the publication of AS results in August.

A number of the School's AS Level Biologists during their field trip to Killough in April.