Autoline Insurance 'Respect the Road' Workshop

On Wednesday 12th October Grosvenor’s Senior School welcomed representatives from Autoline Insurance to its William Moles Hall, where they delivered a highly worthwhile workshop, regarding the importance of responsible driving, entitled 'Respect the Road’.

The workshop was primarily delivered by Tracey Doherty, a retired Family Liaison Officer within the P.S.N.I., who spoke to a packed hall - of over 200 pupils – regarding a number of her challenging experiences whilst in the job.

Tracey focused on the importance of wearing seatbelts, the dangers of alcohol consumption and the far-reaching consequences of irresponsibility behind the wheel, whilst relaying harrowing stories from her time as F.L.O. in the P.S.N.I., such as informing parents in instances when their child had lost their life in a road accident.

This is the second year that Grosvenor has welcomed representtives from Autoline Insurance in to speak to its Senior School pupils and, once again, this year’s talk was extremely powerful in getting across the important message regarding road safety. Many thanks to Tracey Doherty for delivering a presentation with such impact, as well as her colleague, Evanna Kieren, who was responsible for coordinating the event.

We look forward to reporting on further visiting speakers to Senior School throughout the remainder of the year. 

Tracey Doherty (centre left) and Evanna Kieran (centre right), from 'Autoline Insurance', with members of Grosvenor's Senior School following their 'Respect the Road' workshop on Wednesday 12th October.