BBC Bus Brings Out the Budding Journalist in Grosvenor Pupils

On Friday 29th February Grosvenor was fortunate enough to host the BBC as it held a workshop for two groups of junior school pupils; the workshop was led by Nula Napier, producer and broadcaster for the BBC, and Leona O’Neill, journalist for the Irish News. The aim of the event was to introduce pupils to the world of journalism and make them see that they can start being journalists today.

The day began with Leona posing the question ‘what is news?’. Pupils then put forward their own ideas for a news story. Suggestions included reporting on International Day of Happiness to school dinners, social media to the school’s upcoming rugby and hockey tour to South Africa. Once pupils had chosen their stories, they were released into the corridors, where, like squirrels scavenging nuts, they searched for sources to supplement their news stories. Following this, the most exciting part of the day came when pupils boarded the BBC bus to create a radio report of their news story.

Staff at the BBC were very impressed with the work of the school’s pupils and encourage all young journalists to let their inner voice be heard! Many thanks to those who helped to make the entire day possible and, in particular, Grosvenor’s own Miss Knox who co-ordinated the entire day.

Grosvenor pupils hard at work during one of their BBC-run workshops on Friday 29th January.