BBC 'News Report' 2016

10th March 2016 was the BBC’s annual ‘News Day’ - an event, run by the BBC, where it invites 11-16 year olds from all over the country to deliver the news. A very enthusiastic team from Grosvenor took part in this year’s event and created some very inspirational, enlightening and educational articles. The day is a significant event in the calendar of the BBC School News Report project, which was set up by a group of broadcasters and journalists to encourage young people to voice their inner thoughts. The idea is that pupils are encouraged to write about topics which matter to a teenage audience.

The day began in the library, where pupils decided on what stories would be newsworthy. From this, they then selected a particular topic that they wished to write about and began planning their articles; they decided where they would source their information from and, following this, scurried around the school collecting interviews from pupils and teachers.

What was most impressive was the array of topics that the pupils wanted to write about: they wrote about matters such as the Rugby Schools’ Cup to the American Presidential election, from International Women’s Day to the E.U. referendum. All who took part did an outstanding job at reporting the news; some pupils word processed these articles, whereas others recorded moving image reports.

Much appreciation must be given to those staff members who either took part in an interview or released pupils from lessons in order to get involved.  In particular, specific thanks is due to GGS Media Studies teacher Miss Knox who co-ordinated the entire project within the School this year.

The articles which were produced by Grosvenor’s various participating pupils on the day may be found on the school website at the following location:

Grosvenor pupils (from left ro right): Conor Stewart, Zoe Wilson, Esther Bailie and Victoria Lloyd during their participation in the year's BBC School News Report