BBC Radio Ulster 40th Anniversary Birthday Gala Concert

On the evening of Monday 14th December Grosvenor’s Chamber Choir was honoured to be invited to perform alongside the Ulster Orchestra at the highly prestigious 'BBC Radio Ulster 40th Anniversary Birthday Gala Concert', held in the Ulster Hall.

Following a rehearsal with the Ulster Orchestra the previous day, the Chamber Choir was required to arrive at the venue in good time to conduct a sound check with the Orchestra as well as esteemed conductor David Brophy. In addition members of the Choir were fortunate enough to be seated on the balcony which overlooked the concert hall for the entirety of the performance, thus enjoying a perfect view of all the fabulous acts which performed over the course of the evening. As well as a series of outstanding, professional musical performances, the event also featured a number of interludes, comprising short interviews with past and present producers and presenters from various programmes on BBC Radio Ulster.

Once it was Grosvenor’s turn to perform, Emily Campbell (Upper Sixth) bravely took centre stage as soloist for 'O Holy Night', portraying great confidence in her voice and catching the hearts of both those in the live audience and the listeners at home. Her angelic tone clearly sparked emotion around the room and all GGS-related attendees on the night could not fail to be incredibly proud of her achievement. In addition the choir performed ‘Candlelight Carol’ and ‘Jingle Bells’, which were also performed superbly to put all present in an extremely festive mood!

Well done to all members of the Chamber Choir, as well as Head of Music Miss Rosemary Foster and fellow teachers Mr Jonathan Arnold and Mr Mark Wardil, who also performed with the Choir; the quality of their performance on the night was truly fitting of such a distinguished event and once again confirmed Grosvenor’s status as one of the premier musical Schools in the province.

Members of Grosvenor's Chamber Choir on the balcony of the Ulster Hall prior to their performance at the 'BBC Radio Ulster 40th Anniversary Birthday Gala Concert' on the evening of Monday 14th December.