BBC ‘Songs of Praise’ from Orangefield Presbyterian Church

Congratulations to Grosvenor Grammar School’s Senior Choir which was recently selected to participate in a recording of BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ from Orangefield Presbyterian Church, recordings for which took place on the evenings of Tuesday 13th and Thursday 14th September.

This incredible opportunity arose when the BBC’s Stephanie McKee contacted the School’s Head of Music, Miss Rosemary Foster, in late August to invite Year 13 and 14 pupils from the Senior Choir to take part in a recording of the esteemed programme.

Following a rehearsal on the evening of Tuesday 6th September the recording of the programme, which featured the performance of five songs on each night, afforded Grosvenor’s pupils with the opportunity to perform with contemporary hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty, as well as their band from Nashville, who were completing their tour of their native province, having previously performed at the Waterfront Hall after literally flying into Belfast from the BBC ‘Big Sing’ at the Royal Albert Hall.

For the local performance at Orangefield Presbyterian Church, the Gettys led the singing of some of their own songs such as ‘In Christ Alone’ and ‘Facing a Task Unfinished’, as well as many more of their favourite hymns. Of further note is the fact that the Musical Director for the programme was Mr Jonathan Rea, Chief Executive of the ‘New Irish Arts’ and Director of the ‘New Irish Choir and Orchestra’, as well as, most pertinently, the husband of Grosvenor’s own Mrs Gillian Rea, a Geography teacher within the school.

Particular thanks is extended to the twenty-two pupils from Years 13 and 14 who rose to the challenge so early in the academic year and impressed the BBC Producer on both nights with their creative harmonies, freshness of sound and immaculate behaviour in assisting to lead the congregational singing.

Sincere gratitude is also offered to a number of members of GGS staff, namely the aforementioned Miss Foster, as well as Mr Jonathan Arnold (Music), Miss Sandra Harte (Physics), Mrs Rebecca Simpson (Technology and Design), Mr and Mrs Andrew White (P.E.) and Mr Ross Comiskey (R.S.) who collectively provided an impressive representation from Grosvenor.

We now look forword to seeing and hearing Grosvenor’s pupils singing the Getty worship songs over the coming months as they will be included in multiple ‘Songs of Praise’ programmes throughout the forthcoming year.