’Brexit and the Next Generation’

On Friday 1st March all of Grosvenor’s Politics students in Years 12 – 14 made the short journey to ‘Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College, Knock’ where they attended a Symposium entitled ‘Brexit and the Next Generation’.

The event, organised by two pupils from the host school, was attended by a large number of pupils from various local schools, in addition to Grosvenor, such as Campbell College, Strathearn, and St. Joseph’s College, with pupils from each School being afforded the opportunity to pose questions to an expert panel, chaired by journalist and political commentator Eamon Mallie, and featuring such notaries as former UK official Matthew O’Toole; Stephen Kelly, Chief Executive of ‘Manufacturing Northern Ireland’, Claire Hannah, elected MLA for South Belfast; Chris Stalford, DUP representative for South Belfast; Frank Shivers, former Deputy Chairman of the Northern Ireland Conservatives; and Sorcha Eastwood, Alliance Party representative for Castlereagh South.

The event proved most worthwhile, with pupils from each school posing a number of very direct questions in an articulate and passionate manner. In addition, the discussion which resulted from these questions was extremely lively, with pupils being given the chance to 'vote' throughout to show their opinions on what the panelists had said.

Many thanks to Grosvenor’s Teacher in Charge of Politics Mrs Lander for organising the School’s attendance at the event, as well as fellow Politics teacher Mrs Peel and Classroom Assistant Mrs Simpson, each of whom were in accompaniment. In particular, special praise is reserved for Year 13 pupils Karl Kirkpatrick and Natalie Simpson, each of whom were brave enough to pose particularly well-considered questions on the day.

Many thanks to OLSPCK for inviting Grosvenor to attend this exciting event and for organising and hosting such a well-run symposium.  

Pupils from Grosvenor, photographed at the 'Brexit and the Next Generation' symposium, held at 'Our Lady and St. Patrick's College' on Friday 1st March.