'Bring It On' ICT Event

On Monday 25th November all pupils in Grosvenor’s Form Three were treated to a couple of periods out of regular classes in order to attend the inaugural ‘Bring It On’ event, organised by the School’s ICT department and staged in the Lecture/Dance Studio.

The event took place over two sittings with classes G,R and S attending initially, followed by V,E and N later in the day.  The aim of the talk, delivered by Enda McKenna from ‘E-Skills’, was to encourage pupils to consider a career in IT where the opportunities are huge, with Northern Ireland currently having more demand for IT professionals than there is supply.

The talk was also particularly relevant given that next year there will be a new Computing G.C.S.E. introduced in Grosvenor alongside the existing G.C.S.E. in ICT; it is hoped that pupils who are interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry will consider choosing one of these subjects as their starting point.

Many thanks to ‘E-Skills’, and Enda in particular, for taking the time to deliver this most worthwhile and informative session.


Some third form pupils enjoy the 'Bring it On' ICT event at the end of November