British Biology Olympiad 2017

Congratulations to a number of the School’s Year Fourteen A2 Level Biologists who were recently rewarded for their attainment in the prestigious 'British Biology Olympiad' 2017.

The ‘British Biology Olympiad’ is a competition for the top A Level Biologists in the UK. It consists of two challenging one hour multiple choice papers. The Olympiad challenges and stimulates students with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents, enabling them to demonstrate their knowledge beyond the limits of the examination specification.

Amongst those recognised this year were Michael Culbert, who became only the second pupil in the school’s history to attain a Gold award, while Caleb Elliott attained a Silver Award, Steven Foreman, Jacob Stanex and Naomi Jess were each rewarded with Bronze Awards, Carly Suitor was ‘Highly Commended' and Annie McKirgan, Hannah Blair and Katie Taylor each received commendations.

Well done to each of the aforementioned pupils on their achievements and many thanks to Grosvenor's Head of Biology Mrs Heather Reid for her organisation of the School’s participation within the event.

Grosvenor's participants in this year's 'British Biology Olympiad', pictured alongside Grosvenor's Head of Biology Mrs Heather Reid.