British Biology Olympiad 2019

Congratulations to a number of Grosvenor’s Year Fourteen Biologists who recently participated in the prestigious British Biology Olympiad - a competition for the top A level Biologists in the UK.

The competition consists of two 45-minute multiple-choice papers; challenging and stimulating students with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents, as well as enabling students to demonstrate their knowledge beyond the limits of the examination specification.

Following completion of the Olympiad, a number of the School’s participants were rewarded with either a Gold, Silver, Bronze or Highly Commended award, as listed below:

Gold - Lana Henry

Silver - Juliana Kim; Lisa Purdy

Bronze - Ciara Irvine; Nico Ganacias

Highly Commended - Yara Eltayeb; Leah McCoy; Owen Hamilton.

Well done to the above students on their impressive performance in the competition, and many thanks to Grosvenor’s Head of Science Mrs Heather Reid, who co-ordinated their involvement within it. 

A number of Grosvenor's Year Fourteen Biologists who participated in this year's British Biology Olympiad.