‘Chain Reaction’ Business Studies presentation

On Wednesday 2nd March Grosvenor’s Business Studies department welcomed Fiona Dowds, Training and Development Manager at ‘Chain Reaction Cycles’, to the school, where she delivered an informative and extremely worthwhile presentation to 54 of its Lower Sixth AS Level students.

During her presentation, which took place in the Library, Fiona provided the pupils with an overview of ‘CRC’ as a business, including through the use of a very informative PowerPoint, as well as video clips. Fiona spent time with the AS pupils discussing topical areas from their Business Studies course in relation to the organisational structure of CRC, career opportunities and how they motivate their staff - including the use of motivation theorists such as Maslow.

Providing the students with these real-life business examples proved extremely valuable and was most effective in consolidating the theory that they have discussed in class.

Many thanks to Fiona for taking the time to make her visit to the school, as well as GGS’s Head of Business Studies Mrs Jlll Hunter-Burns who organised the visit, and fellow department member Miss Rebecca McNee who supervised the pupils throughout the talk.

Fiona Dowds, from 'Chain Rection Cycles', delivers her presentation to Grosvenor's Lower Sixth Business Studies students on Wednesday 2nd March.