'Tree of Knowledge' Event

On Tuesday 11th September Grosvenor welcomed Ben Best to the school to deliver a series of informative sessions to selected pupils and invited parents throughout the day

The event, delivered by Ben as part of the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ Motivational Training Company under the title ‘Laugh in the Face of Exams’, provided pupils in 5th Form and their parents with worthwhile guidance on how best to prepare for exams and cope with the academic pressures of GCSEs.

The information was delivered in three sessions, with Form 5 being divided into two groups during the day and parents receiving an invitation to attend in the evening. 

Important information provided on the day included that related to sleep, how the brain works, relaxation methods and potential rewards for academic success in the future.

All three sessions were extremely positively received by both the pupils and parents in attendance and the School looks forward to welcoming Ben back again in the near future.