‘Chartered Accountants of Ireland Christmas Charity Lunch’ 2018

On Friday 7th December Grosvenor’s esteemed String Quintet was invited to perform at the annual ‘Chartered Accountants of Ireland (Ulster) Christmas Charity Lunch’ at Belfast's Europa Hotel. The String Quintet’s performance at this event has become a yearly tradition and, once again, the standard of musicianship on display did not disappoint as Ruth Sellar (Violin 1), Kara Purdy (Violin 2), Tyler Smith (Violin 3), Karl Kirkpatrick (Cello) and James Magrath (Double Bass) wowed those in attendance with their expertise.

Each year the Chartered Accountants’ Christmas Lunch sees invited guests bring a high-quality toy or children’s gift which is then distributed by the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul, helping to ensure an enjoyable Christmas for the less fortunate; with this in mind it was, once again, an honour for Grosvenor to be associated with such an event as its selected musicians played their part in making the day a huge success once again.

Well done to the five aforementioned pupils who excelled on the day, as well as Grovenor's Head of Music Miss Rosemary Foster, who accompanied them and continues to work tirelessly within one of the School's busiest departments. 

We look forward to reporting on many more music-related events over the festive period and beyond.

Grosvenor's String Quintent, comprising (from left to right): Ruth Sellar, Kara Purdy, Tyler Smith, Karl Kirkpatrick and James Magrath, prior to its performance at the Europa Hotel on Friday 7th December.