Cleaning: It’s Not Fun; Bin Your Gum!

On Wednesday 8th March 2018, a group of Year 8 and 9 pupils from Grosvenor got together to create a video, designed to motivate pupils to dispose of the litter problem in school! As part of a 'Young Reporters for the Environment' competition, the video was submitted to Eco-Schools in a bid to win £200!

At the beginning of the planning stage the team felt that the disposal (or lack thereof) of chewing gum was one of the biggest challenges the school faced. After interviewing the School's Cleaning Supervisor, Mr Gowdy, they discovered that the cleaning staff spend a shocking 276 hours on average removing chewing gum from places inside the building! The pupils have therefore decided to start a campaign called ‘Cleaning: it’s not fun; bin your gum’. They hope you will get alongside them in their efforts! Discuss this more at #howdoyoubinyours.

Many thanks to all of the pupils who worked so hard to put the video together, as well as GGS Media Studies teacher Miss Knox who coordinated their involvement in the initaitive - hopefully we will now begin to see a reduction in the amount of litter around the school as a result of their efforts. 

Grosvenor pupils get enthusiatic about tackling the sticky issue of chewing gum in school!