‘Concern’ Fast 2017

On Friday 25th November Grosvenor staged its second annual ‘Concern’ Fast as pupils in Years Thirteen and Fourteen were encouraged to fast from something important to them: phones, social media, leadership, sugary food or food altogether.

The Concern Fast is an annual event and the charity seeks to bring an end to world hunger: it is currently working in the Horn of Africa where a famine was declared last year.

In aid of this year’s event money was collected on the day and continued to be donated through sponsorship over the following fortnight. The event also featured a 'guess how many sweets are in the jar' competition for pupils in years 8-10.

The three Grosvenor Fast Ambassadors for 2017 were Year Fourteen pupils Sarah Moore, Cain Thomson and Georgia Mayhew - three of the top fundraisers from last year - who did a great job of organising the entire event, having initially launched it at Senior School Year Assembly during the previous week.

Many thanks to everybody who participated in this year’s fast, as well as GGS teacher Mrs Lander who oversaw the entire initiative – following the final count of funds raised it was revealed on Thursday 14th December that the Fast had raised in excess of £1500 - an incredible total which more than doubles the amount raised during last year's event.

We look forward to reporting on many further charity-related endeavors within GGS over the remainder of the year.

Grosvenor's 'Concern' Fast Ambassadors 2017: Georgia Mayhew, Cain Thomson and Sarah Moore.